25 hours of Music and Art.

This collective affair is being held under the colossal cast iron trusses of the Rinderhalle of Neu Marx.
In the midst of the artist's work we will celebrate throughout the night with a soundsystem of industrial scale.

We've got Luke Fair to play us into the hours of dawn.

And, as the space floods with daylight, Tanz durch den Tag will do what they do best until nightfall!

One of the most down to earth artists you’ll meet in the industry today, it’s not cliche to say Luke Fair is “all about the music.” Never one to be flashy or over the top, Luke has preferred to let his tunes define his career. By doing so he’s quietly become a global hero to his devoted fans and upstart DJs and producers who yearn for the soul and energy the Luke Fair sound provides.

On his way to headline status, Luke took cues from the likes of Sasha, John Digweed and Deep Dish while touring across the globe in support of their legendary efforts. It was throughout these times when Luke was warming massive rooms, in front of thousands of overly eager clubbers, that he inherited the skill and patience needed to properly program a night. To this day it’s his ability to create surreal moments through tight mixing and calculated track selection that amazes enthusiasts the most.

9pm, 17th Aug till 10pm, 18th Aug. 2012.

LOCATION -  Media Opera / Rinderhalle, Neu Marx



by on August 8, 2012