Digital Konfusion Mix of the Month!



Back in the day of the early 90's, there was a sound and rhythm that captured my ear. That sound and rhythm is now known as "nu-school breaks" but back then, in New York, it was simply known as "breaks" or  "break-beats". To me it had all of the elements that i love to hear in a good track; uptempo funky feeling, great drum programming with nice percussion elements and very cool sounding but not over-the-top bass-lines. I woke up one day (about a month ago) and realized I hadn't recorded a breaks mix in far too long, it was time. I sprung out of my bed and got right to it, digging through some of my music to find my breaks, directly to the turntables and started recording (I love spontaneous mixing- I rarely ever plan my mixes anyway.)  Here's the result of my inspiration: a mix that I call DJ JOE-JOE BREAKIN' IT DOWN! (part 1) Our DIGITAL KONFUSION MIX OF THE MONTH. Stream it, download it if you like and enjoy the music.

DJ joejoe breakin it down by DJ Joe-Joe

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by on November 16, 2010